Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pizza Any One?

Last Saturday night I watched Tami's kids so she and her husband could go on a long over do date!  I decided I wanted to do something fun and different for dinner so off to the store I went! I decided on home made individual pizza's!  It was a hit and Fresh and Easy was the perfect store.  They had everything I needed to make everyone happy including myself!  Dough, fresh basil, shredded moz, fresh moz, pepperoni, sausage, sauce and olives! All of it very good and at a decent price.  I was happy!:)  Gavin and Ryleigh went first.  All I did was roll out the dough, assist in the sauce distribution and brush olive oil on the edge's!  You'll notice Meghan eyeing the pizza in a few of the pics!  The only way to keep her from attacking the pizza's was to feed her a yogurt!  Ryleigh and McKenna were a great help with keeping her happy so I could help when needed!  They also did a great job helping me clean up!  In fact Jon was shocked when he got home and learned what we had been up to and couldn't believe how clean the house was!  Good Job Girls!  Let's do it again soon!!

Here's Gavin putting on the finishing touches!


Kristen said...

Yay for pizza and yay for blogging! Gavin does look GQ in those glasses and the pizza looks delicious. Wish I could have been there!

Tara said...

What a great idea for a fun night! Those pizzas looked delicious. I can't believe how big all your boys are. Gavin in his glasses-he is a freakin' stud, Griffin and Gunner are getting so big! Seriously, time for another one! I miss you so bad at work! I've wanted to call you so many times, but figured your phone was still out of commission. And, oh I changed my blog address just so you know click on my pic to get the new one. Hope you guys are doing well!

LanaBanana said...

Those pizza pics are making me hungry. We made pizza last night too, but my crust was way too thick and it stayed a little bit doughy. Yours looks super good. :) What a fun babysitter you are!