Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know I have been horrible at blogging. I keep thinking I'll get better... I don't know how you all do it! :) I just thought I would share a little about each of my boys of the next few days! Hopefully, I'll get to Griffin before Gage gets here!!LOL!

Gavin is 7yrs old now! Wow!!! I can't even believe it! He is getting so grown-up! Gavin is still as social as ever. He can make a friend while we are standing in line at the grocery store! Everyday he wants to know who can come over to play.... He never gets enough of his friends!:) He is very bright and does well in school! He is in the second grade at Noah Webster Basic School. His best subject is Math and up until about a week ago he had a 100% in the subject, and was VERY proud of this! He now has a 98% and is happy with that for now! He has been on the Honor Roll since his first quarter of Kindergarten. His school is a Charter and to be on the Honor Roll a student must have an average of 94% or higher! We are so proud of him!!

Gavin is playing Flag Football for his 3rd season and really enjoys this sport! He has really improved this year and has turned into a great running back for his team... The Panthers. He has great Coaches and enjoys all of his team mates!

Gavin also enjoys video games... especially Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, and Guitar Hero. He is a pretty good big Brother. Although he fights with his brothers from time to time they also have a lot of fun together! If it was up to him I would just stay pregnant and have "100's and 100's of babies!" His words... not mine!:) They ride scooters, play computer games, toss balls, and wrestle together!

Gavin has 2 sets of parents.... This year I think he has really learned to enjoy this, and has realized just how lucky he is! He goes to his Dad's every Friday night and e/o Saturday night as well. He has a sister named Alex and a brother named Gabe and they adore him and miss him a ton when He is not there! Occasionally Gunner has gotten to go with Gavin... We are a very fortunate family and have grown very close to Scott and Melissa and their kids and Love them like family.... cuz really, they are Family!

Gavin, I want you know just how much I love you! You are such a special part of this family and we would not be the same without you! I love the spirit you have... the love of life... the love of friends and family... the love of the Gospel and you are learning more everyday! I love that you still like to "cuddle bug" with me on occasion and always want me to tickle your back! Your smile can light up any room! Keep up all your good work and know that your Mom Loves you more then you will EVER know and is so proud of the boy you are becoming!!!


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