Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gunner's "Fun" Day

Well, I don't know about anybody else but I'm sure tired of reading about Gavin's first day of school! So I hijacked the blog again and I'm doing a post about Gunner! This is Tami and I had the opportunity to spend the day with just Gunner and Meg today. You see, Gunner was disappointed in my Sugar Cookies last weekend because he was really wanting Chocolate Chip cookies! In his words "the ones that you cook," meaning not store bought! So I scheduled a date with him to make said cookies on Thursday, he wouldn't let any of us forget! So the day came, and of course he remembered, after dropping the kids off at the bus he jumped in and came home with us. Meg and I have kind of gotten into a routine that when we come home she jumps in the stroller and we walk to the park and play, so we had to do that first! Gunner grudgingly obliged and ended up having a great time. I snapped a few pictures of the occasion with just my camera phone. He was so good helping Meg on the play structure! According to him "she likes him," and I think he might like her just a little bit!

Then it was home to make the cookies! He was so happy, he got to put in all the ingredients by himself! There was no one around he had to take turns with!

And then of course he had to test them to make sure they tasted okay! Here he is enjoying the fruits of labors! He is one happy kid to finally be eating them!
I think he ate 4 or something!

Evidence is on the face! They were Yummy!


runningfan said...

Thanks for the update, Tami! :)

Dixiechick said...

what a cutie! love that red hair and cute smile. :)

Keith and Charayye said...

Mmmmmm! Those do look yummy!

Tara said...

Oh my gosh, Jules and Tami! This is darling! I am dying over at how big he is, I think it's definitely time for a new baby! ;)

Tara said...

So, I just reaized that my comment prob sounded like I thought Gunner was the youngest, but I know Griffin is it was just crazy to see how big Gunner is and made me think Griff is probably all grown up to meaning, time for another baby...Am I crazy or what? Can't wait to see you!